Emotional Childishness Is A Societal Cancer

We have a very serious problem with emotional childishness in our society.

10 Signs of Emotional Childishness (Condensed)
1. Emotional escalations.
2. Blaming.
3. Lies.
4. Name-calling.
5. Impulsivity — or as therapists say, “poor impulse control”.
6. Need to be the center of attention.
7. Bullying.
8. Budding narcissism.
9. Immature defenses.
10. No observing ego — that is, no ability to see, acknowledge, and learn from their mistakes.

Source: 10 Signs of Emotional Childishness (I encourage everyone to read the source, they expand on these ten items above to explain them in more detail)

We’re seeing these kinds of behaviors from a huge swath of our society; from protesters, rioters, activists, propagandists, media pundits, journalists, and even politicians. Emotional training of our youth directly and indirectly determines the way they think as they grow into adults. Teaching our youth that their emotions are the most important thing in decision making instills in them that their emotions trump critical thinking and this leads directly to a delusional based reality created by emotions running amok in the psyche.

I have been writing for over a year about how our society is apparently spiraling into an abyss of irrational people that are driven by one thing, emotion. I started sharing my observations with an essay about how our 21st century society has bastardized Martin Luther King Jr’s dreams. Then I delved into how apathy is fertilizing a breeding ground for stupidity and how anti-social people are stomping civility into submission. I’ve written about social justice warriors and operant conditioning and how we as a society don’t owe you anything. Then I went on a rant about the indoctrinated social justice hive mind and even provided a list of defined words that way too many people are bastardizing. I’ve written about how we as a society need to enforce if not demand that those that accuse others must support their accusations with evidence and how common sense has become quaint. I’ve written about how bias and propaganda destroys people and society, how snowflakes are snowflaking hard, wondering if it’s ignorance or brainwashing that’s ripping away at our society, how a national group is the pot calling the kettle black, how subversion and sedition is becoming acceptable, and on to how continuous rioting morphs the thinking of society.

I remember hearing this a long time ago, “when I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things”. There are far too many people in our society that have not put away childish things and, unfortunately for society, these childish adults are gaining political and social power.

After more than a year of looking into why and how our society has changed so much over the last 20+ years who could have thought that all this irrational garbage that the hordes of stupid people are screaming about across the United States would really come down to the simple fact that they’re immature dolts and they’re not likely to change because there are way too many people that don’t want to hurt their feelings or too scared to get directly involved.

If you don’t want to live under rules created by stupid people then you need to set aside your apathy for society and politics, stand up for intelligent truths and do something about what’s happening!

Featured Image: Courtesy of Fox News



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